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We’re Committed to You!

 At Downsize Me! Fitness, we understand that getting that 6-pack may not be your goal.  Maybe all you want to do is fit into last year’s jeans, or maybe drop a dress size or two. Downsize Me! Fitness was founded on one principal….

EVERYONE – regardless of race, size, gender or belief – has the right to lose weight in a way that is COMFORTABLE to THEM!

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Downsize Me! Fitness™ Founder, TJ Lynch was one of those guys who was OVERWEIGHT, DEPRESSED and TRAPPED in a large body with seemingly NO WAY OUT.  But then, in 2009, at age 45, something happened…. TJ watched an infomercial on P90X which motivated him to take control of his life at a dramatic turning point when there was no other place to turn.  Through implementing THIS SYSTEM, he was able to LOSE 43 LBS! , DROP 12 INCHES off his waistline, END DEPRESSION and turn his life around! The system WORKED! Now, TJ is dedicated to helping others do the same.


And we believe that there is only ONE effective solution that works for EVERYONE!

Ok, here’s the deal. It’s simple:

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success

Other systems FAIL because they leave out, or do poorly, one or more parts of the above equation!  Ours is GUARANTEED to work by giving you all the parts AND keeping you accountable for the results.  Okay.. here’s how is works…



1) Fitness

We totally get it.  Typical franchise gyms can be overwhelming and intimidating to those with a lot of weight to lose.  That’s why Downsize Me! Fitness WORKS!.  Your Empowerment Coach™ will discuss and recommend some fun options for you that you can do in the privacy and comfort of your very own living room!  That’s right!  No embarrassing trips to the “sweat house”… you choose the program… you chose the intensity… you chose the level that is RIGHT for YOU! — all in your OWN HOME at a FRACTION of the COST of gym memberships!  Even better, you OWN the program for LIFE! You can repeat it as often as you like, just plug in the DVD and push play!

2) Nutrition

Science has PROVEN that nutrition accounts for between 70 and 80% of all weightloss results. No matter what your goal is, nutrition provides the fuel (calories) your body needs to help get you there, and this determines the effectiveness of the other two.  Calorie consumption is the most important factor in successfully achieving weight management. In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. We PROVIDE YOU all the tools to TRACK their calorie consumption, PLAN your meals accordingly and LEARN new ways to prepare meals FAT FREE! – Our members have direct access to Executive Chef TJ’s personal videos showing you just how easy it is to eat clean!  New videos are added each week so you’ll want to check back often to see what this funny cook is up to.

Success-Photos3) Support

Empowerment Coaching™

“No man is an island” – and we believe that support on your journey is more important than anything else.  Making bad choices is easy.  Making good choices takes practice, help and mentoring through someone that’s BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.  TJ and his team of coaches EMPOWER you through weekly one-on-one Skype video or telephone sessions.  By communicating successes and struggles experienced through the week, we’ll show you EFFECTIVE and PROVEN methods to overcome obstacles standing in the way of your progress and EMPOWER you to make better, healthier and happier decisions!  Working with a personal trainer gives you a coach that will keep you accountable and make sure you stay on the right track both in your workout and in your diet and habits.  We’re there for you all the way!

Facebook Support Group

Wouldn’t it be nice to mingle with others JUST LIKE YOU and ME who struggle with their weight?  Our Subscribers gain access to our exclusive private Facebook support group “DownsizeMe!Fitness Support & Success Group” where hundreds of people share and motivate one another through fun posts, pictures and success stories.  Be an inspiration to others by posting your story… it’s fun, supportive and nobody but members of the group can see what you write.

ALL of this for less than $0.65 per day!!

  • Our $19 per month Downsize Me! System Works!
    • Exclusive access to your very own Empowerment Coach™

    • Your very own Nutrition Plan – tailored EXACTLY to your body, your goals and your needs!

    • Weekly Skype video or telephone calls provide coaching and mentoring!

    • Access to dozens of Home Workout Programs! (*initial charge for DVDs only)

    • SUPERFOOD Weightloss Supplement Recommendations like Shakeology®

    • Free Access to Exclusive Cooking  and Motivational “how to” Videos

    • Membership in our Private Facebook Support Group

    • FIT CLUB! – Come enjoy a fun group workout for $1 OFF!

    • Empowerment Coach™ Mentorship program – Become a Coach yourself and Empower others too!

Still not ready?  See what REAL PEOPLE with REAL RESULTS have to say about our System…

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