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Proof it WORKS!

Don’t take our word for it… cause, well. Why should you?  Read what our members have to say…

Downsize Me! Fitness™ Weightloss System WORKS to BRING YOU RESULTS!



“Around this same time last year I was an overweight, size 12, lethargic woman who had low self esteem. A month later, on May 28th to be exact, I STOPPED all the excuses and took action! TODAY I am fitting in a size 6. I have an ABUNDANCE of energy. I have great confidence and high self esteem. I’m not saying this to brag. I am sharing this to impress upon you that ONE simple decision followed by ACTION can make a signicant difference in a person’s life. If I had not taken action then.. I can’t imagine where the heck I would be right now. I am SO grateful of the decision I made then… because I am feeling AMAZING in ALL areas of my life today.” – Gaby Lynch





“I was never able to be the woman I knew I was inside…. my depression was uncontrollable. But when TJ showed me the tools of Empowerment, I learned how to overcome my fears and focus on my goals. I lost a ton of weight and am feeling better than I ever have!  It’s simple! Empowerment Coaching WORKS!” – Erika M


EMPOWERMENT COACHING™ is the PROVEN way to reach your goals!




“Coach TJ’s support and guidance was key to losing weight. Being a busy executive for a multinational corporation and traveling all the time was my permanent excuse to being overweight;  DownsizeMe! Fitness taught me how to eat well, workout anywhere I went, and have lots of fun doing it. Thank you for making a big difference in my life!!!” – Ricardo C



“TJ and Gaby, thanks for the awesome new tool but even more for regularly helping me and everyone else with our questions and all. We all truly appreciate it.” – Zak B.



“Thanks to the support of my challenge group and the personal attention from my Empowerment Coach™ I was able to lose more than 2.5” off my entire body in my first 30 days and never felt better! I’m more relaxed – reaching for healthy snacks instead of junk food and making my entire body stronger to do the things I love. Any time I’ve had a question or concern, success or challenge, the team was there to listen, celebrate and help. The Beachbody® workouts are easy to follow – even if you (like me) have no idea of where to start. Getting support has been critical to changing my life and the challenge group is a great way to do it!” – Nancy M


Whatever your GOAL is… we’ve gotcha covered! 10 lbs or 100 lbs… our members are doing it!



“Think back 5 years ago.. are you at TODAY where you thought you’d be 5 years ago?  Are you happy with the shape you’re in?  For you?  For your family?

I did exactly that 4 years ago.. and realized that my children are getting older and will require MORE of my time.. more of my energy to keep up with them on the playground, on the beach and with their friends.  I didn’t want to be the fat, out of shape daddy who sat on the sidelines drinking “diet” sodas and a double whopper.  I wanted to be a PART of my kids’ forever… I wanted to make them proud of who their father was AND that he is INVOLVED with everything they do.

And you know what?  I AM that DAD today!  I made the sacrifices I needed to to find the money to invest in my kids.  I’m proud of what I did.. and so are my kids!  They brag to their friends about my fitness all the time. LOL I’m just happy I made the decision to put my health first, and stopped making the excuses. As they grow into teens, I want to be there for them and their friends… and God willing, I will be!” – TJ Lynch

“Coach TJ.  I’m so STOKED!  I weighed myself this morning and have lost almost  10 pounds since we started the Challenge!! WOOP WOOP!! … The Challenge was what I needed to be accountable, etc.” – Bo M.




“I gotta say, I’ve tried a lot of things before to lose weight and tone, but NOTHING compares to the accountability and the awesome programs I got here! I did the Brazilian Butt Lift for a month and voila! I’m a believer!! 

The support, the group interaction on Facebook and the nutrition plan kept me engaged AND on track!” – Michele B


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Using Downsize Me! Fitness™ Weightloss systems may lead you to smiling, skipping or even proudly displaying the “new you” all over social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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